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Since I'm fairly active in the LJ RP scene and I notice a lot of invisible guests and other muns coming by my journal and have started to wonder I'm putting this post at the top. It's half info post, half comment post.

So far as HMD/comments/concrit go anon is on, IP logging is off, so feel free to leave whatever.

Now, for info stuff (this part also doubles for new friends from friending memes XD )

Name: CB (also known as Zumi or Giro)
Location: North Carolina, USA
Website: DeviantArt

Notable fandoms: Megaman, Code Lyoko, almost anything Disney under the sun, Bones, Fringe, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, Dragonlance, assorted anime (way too many to list)
Also watches: Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, Pawn Stars
Favorite books: The aforementioned Dragonlance, also Harry Potter, and pretty much anything Amy Tan or Tanya Huff has ever written
Favorite video games: Yoshi's Island, Pokemon SoulSilver, Pokemon Diamond, the Ace Attorney series, Dragon Quest as a whole, Megaman Legends 2, Megaman Battle Network 6 Gregar Greiga, the Dynasty Warriors series

Noteworthy posts:
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Apr. 28th, 2012



In case people have been wondering where I've been lately >.>;

Herp de derp.

So, this entry is coming to you from my Dreamwidth, since I ah. Lost access to my LJ account? And I don't feel like getting it back right now, since I have my DW and such anyway.

To answer a couple comments I got last time, my account name is still the same! [personal profile] roll_soul. So come on over, people XD
Alright so, despite having an IJ account with... nothing on it, I've moved over to Dreamwidth. The state of my LJ account is undetermined. But y-yeah! Right now I'm over at DW /o/;

Also I've been spamming my brain with Pokemon lately. GO ME.
There's some idiot outside who won't stop shouting. Starting to piss me off.

Anyway! 2011 resolution, "Lose weight and this time I mean it." I know, sounds cliche. But I've got a plan, and damn it I'm going to follow it.

Also going to try to draw more.

Still haven't moved my icons to IJ (which I chose because of the sheer number, and I don't need ANOTHER paid account anywhere). Lazy CB is lazy.

See you guys next year. ♥

Dec. 22nd, 2011

There's nothing there yet, nor do I know if it'll be a permanent move, but.


Moving my userpics, 99% of which aren't saved on this computer, is going to be fun. ¬_¬
Quick journal tradition before work. New RP journal and all that.

pigniting @ dear_mun.


Lazily c/p'd over from my Tumblr...

So while at B&N today I got a cool little journal. Thought I’d carry it around for random thoughts, even though it’s a bit too big to be pocket-sized. I’d just find a way, y’now?

Had the idea to write down my Pokemon in it from my restarted-last-night file in White. Halfway through writing out my team I had the idea to do it in-character.

So now it’s a character journal, chronicling my trainer self’s (even though in the game he doesn’t have my name but whatever) journey from Nacrene City onwards. With little sketches and doodles here and there, because that’s how I roll. Don’t know what I’ll do with it when I’m done… Maybe turn it into a fanfic or something.

Also, judging by the doodles so far, Pignite is well suited to my art style. I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised by this…
I see my vision burn
I feel my memories fade with time
But I'm too young to worry
A melody, a memory, or just one picture

Seize the day
Or die regretting the time you lost
It's empty and cold without you here
Too many people to ache over

Trials in life
Questions of us existing here
Don't wanna die alone without you here
Please tell me what we have is real...

Nothing greatly related to this, just felt like posting it.

Good to know that in Dynasty Warriors 6, Lu Bu is still the Wall you'd expect him to be.

1. Buy the game
2. Play the game
3. Last all of 15 minutes before being killed by him in three seconds


And he's never looked cooler scarier.
To the Americans on my f-list, happy Thanksgiving~ Hope you have/had/are having a good time, with lots of good food. About to go start cooking myself, but thought I'd post this first.

Oh! Derp. Also made another RP journal, for an AU version of Rock(.EXE) that people who watch me at Deviantart might be familiar with. And, of course, the typical dear_mun post to match, in case anyone's bored and wants to poke it.

Have a good holiday guys~! And to others, have a good Thursday. XD

ohgod I have morning rush shift on Black Friday help meeeeee
I really like how the psoriatic arthritis in my dominant hand decided to go AAAAAAGGGHH WHY SO COLD *SEIZES UP* earlier today.

Oh well. Consider me officially developing a way to type while keeping my Snuggie sleeve over my hand. XD


Oct. 31st, 2011

BELATED but hey I had to work.


Cut for embedded videoCollapse )


FIRST UPDATE IN FOREVER AND... it's a customary link to a new dear_mun post. Sigh. I'm sorry but I just don't have an interesting life |D You guys have heard all my stuff already anyway.

So! Have this link to Zero's post at d_m and have fun bugging him. Please?

...What. I like this icon. >_>

ETA: SPEAKING OF ICONS. Is anyone else having default icons show up on friendslist pages instead of the one that's supposed to be on the entry?
WEEEEE I officially fail with updating my LJ on a regular basis.

Well I'm back from camping... obviously. Have been for a looonng while now, as people who watch me everywhere else but here will know XD

Let's see, what else. Oh yeah.

NEW COMPUTER YEAH. I'm actually current for once! Windows 7 and everything. I mourn the loss of the old one, but... not too much since the harddrive is fine, the video card just blitzed. But since said card was actually part of the motherboard we found it better to just get a new one and actually upgrade.

Still getting used to everything though. But hey, Google Chrome, cool. I suck at Angry Birds by the way.
So, guess what? While the trip to California never materialized (yet; it's put on hold for now) I am going on vacation anyway. I'm going camping for the first half of next week, so I'll be missing for a few days. Not that... many of you will actually notice, since save for recently my LJ hasn't seen much use. But still! Outtake!Al icon has it right, FUCK YEAH I've missed camping. For those familiar with NC, I'll be heading up to Kerr Lake, where we used to go all the time when I was a kid. Missed that place too. <3

Speaking of FMA, I recently picked up "-and the Broken Angel" for the PS2. And man I suck at it XD Although seeing the Alphonse AI get stuck around a small Insurmountable Waist High Barrier once was funny though.

Anyway, camping! Wilderness! Water! Sunburn! And photos with any luck, which reminds me I've got to add "recharge batteries" to my list of stuff to do...
-You got to let go of the stuff from the past – because it just doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now.

-There is nothing to learn from a lesson without pain, because you can't gain anything without sacrificing something in exchange. But when you overcome that pain and make the lesson your own, you will gain an infallible, irreplaceable, fullmetal heart.

One from Kung Fu Panda 2, one from Fullmetal Alchemist (and granted a scanlation at that, the wording may be a bit different in official English). True, they're both fandom, fiction, but the lessons are real. The heart is there.

I think, between these two quotes and things happening in my real life that only bolsters it, plus the healing balm that has been time...

I think I'll be alright.
Pokemon White updateCollapse )

Besides that, there's a chance I could be going to California in the middle of September. I'll update with details later.

Also, is LJ being screwy for anyone else? :\ A lot of small things are broken for me.

Aug. 28th, 2011

Had a few minutes before I left for work, decided to document what I remembered of this dream I had, before I forgot it, that involved Colonel Mustang from FMA.

Some spoilers for the end of FMA: Brotherhood, though.Collapse )

The dream was weird, like so many of mine tend to be. But damn, this one kinda took the cake XD I'm not even this mushy type of fan of Mustang (though don't get me wrong, he is freaking badass) but this dream seemed to ship us or something. And during the more personal fighting part of it, I was that Shamballa!Edward? I don't know. Dreams are weird.

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